Exposing the origins of disease

By, Dynamo Jakk:

This article will be aimed directly at the focus of identifying, what are the precursors to sickness and disease inside the human body? What is the origin point of all disease? And what measures are necessary during the dispelling process of any and all forms of “so called” disease and other pathogenic particles from the body.

Before we go any further, lets get a better understanding of what disease ‘Is’ so that we don’t run into any problems ruling out exactly what disease isn’t when that time comes.

Disease is an effort of the body to heal itself through the process of the elimination of waste, mucus, and other toxemias. Make a note, that all disease has its origin inside the colon… [the alimentary tract, reaching up from the mouth of the anus to the throat, is filled with undigested, decayed food particles and mucus.]

A Berlin physician whose life work was solely based around the performing of autopsies stated that over sixty percent of all the corpses he exhumed contained in the alimentary canal various types of foreign matter, worms and putrefied feces, and that in nearly all cases the walls of the intestines and colon were lined with a crust of hardened feces making it evident that these organs had degenerated to a state of utter inefficiency.

Another physician publishes the following statement: “I have found a prototype of the cause of all disease of the human body, the foundation of premature old age and death. Surprising as it may seem, out of two hundred and eighty-four cases of autopsy’s held, twenty-eight colons were found to be free from hardened feces and in a normal and healthy state “. He goes on to further state: “the colons were incrusted with hardened, rotten, rejected food material. Many were distended to twice their natural size throughout their whole length.” In some of the most recent studies and treatments of hemorrhage of the bowels in typhoid fever, it has been proven to be caused by maggots and worms having eaten their way into the sensitive membrane and tapping an artery or vein.

In order to solve the unsolved mystery of life, it is going to take having a developed enough mindset as well as a clear enough realm of thinking to consciously delve directly into what is known as the gravity center of the entire organism, the stomach. Pythagoras, a mathematical genius, vegetarian and founder of a high-scholastic school of philosophy, was forced to undergo a forty-day fast before he was ever even allowed to enter into the school of the learned high priests of Egypt. One has to take the initiative of looking deep into the mechanical workings of their central organs if He/she is to find the cause behind the acceleration, as well as the degeneration process of the complete system.

Long ago, it was proven by physicians abroad that with every disease there is a ‘constitutional encumbrance’ of foreign matter clogging up the system. These obstructions of matter are foreign substances that have the potential of becoming very dangerous. These substances, being foreign to the body, not having any specific use to the biological system as a whole, consisting of large quantities of accumulated feces, undigested foods, as well as morbid mucus, and pathogenic foreign substances, are at all times going through a state of fermentation and decomposition. It has become increasingly clear that the average man/woman in America is a walking cesspool of mucus, parasites, and other vile toxemias that are being housed inside the intestines polluting and poisoning the blood stream.

Every disease, no matter what name it is known by in Medical Science, is Constipation, and is caused by mucoid plaque build-up:

Areas that are vulnerable for excessive accumulation points for mucoid plaque buildup, are the tongue, the stomach, and the entire digestive tract. The average person is said to be holding at all times as much as ten to fifteen pounds of uneliminated feces and other forms of waste build-up in the bowels poisoning the blood stream, as well as the rest of the system. The intestines are the main organs of waste elimination, as soon as the greater part of the mucus “deposit” is dissolved and eliminated, a strict mucus free diet is advisable and highly recommended. A mucus free diet is the only thorough and perfect cleansing treatment that dissolves the dried-up mucus that stick to the inner wall of the intestine and colon tract.

Currently the medical industry has over 100,000 clinical names for different types of discomfort or disease patients are complaining of experiencing, mainly as a result of poor eating habits that consists of mucus building, starchy foods that create a suitable toxic environment for parasites and other radicalized substances to nest, verses having an all-natural diet consisting of mucus-binding foods that would serve as a means to counteract the degradation of the immune system from being compromised. A person becomes most efficient and develops best in his health if he eats as little as possible, especially with beginning on the mucus free diet. This allows the body to more forcefully dispel all mucus and remaining excrements that are most assuredly going to send the person in question through a condition of sickness (cleansing). Our hair follicles are odor-tubes or “gas chimneys” which is why it is no wonder that the pollution they carry off leads to grayness and baldness. The remedy is to be found in the mucus free diet.


The “science of change of matter” is by far one of the most erroneous and misinformed doctrines-taught regarding the transformation of material particles. One large fact that has been overlooked is that the lungs are considered to be the motoric organs of circulation, and the circulating blood is what drives the heart—the same as the regulating valve in an engine.

Two easy demonstrations to highlight the fact that the bloodstream drives the heart and not the other way around, can be seen thru the following examples: 1. Increased breathing allows for the increase in air-pressure, which in turn increases acceleration, circulation, and number of heartbeats. 2. Consuming any stimulating poisons, including alcohol, will increase the speed of the heartbeat, but consuming something like a “muscle-band” paralyzing poison decreases the speed of the heart rate drastically.

The idea, that cells inside the body are continually being used up by the processes of life, and must be continually replaced is evidently refuted by my investigations, experiments, and observations on the hundreds of fasters I’ve had the luxury of working with. The facts are as follows, and you will again see that it is just as I teach and as I have experienced. What Medicine calls and sees, as ‘Metabolism’ is nothing more than elimination of waste by the body as soon as the stomach is empty.

       White Corpuscles in The Blood:

Are the white corpuscles inside the blood stream living cells containing vital importance to protect and maintain the biological function of life, destroy germs that create disease, and  immunize the body against fever, infection, or any of the other compromising effects that occur inside the human body as the standard doctrines of pathology and physiology teach? Or are they completely the exact opposite – consisting of toxic waste, decayed, undigested unusable food substances, mucus or pathogens? Are they, in fact, the waste and left-over bacteria from high protein and starchy foods which the average mixed eater of western civilization stuffs their stomach with three times a day? Considering the fact that not many people born to the western civilization today can most honestly say that growing up they were not heavily fed mucus building starchy foods like cow milk, with or without cereal products, potatoes, meat, eggs etc. All is filled with mucus!

Consider the white race and the lack of colored skin pigmentation that a vast majority of them suffer from. And yes, I use the word ‘suffer’ in the most strict and concentrated sense of the word, which is what we are going to briefly discuss. The skin is pale and lacking pigment as a result of cultural eating habits. 1. The blood is constantly being polluted with mucus, white blood corpuscles, and other white waste colored products. 2. The pores of the skin are constantly constipated, clogged up, with dry mucus, as well as the rest of his entire tissue system (caused by iron-oxide). And, 3. A lack of coloring mineral salts. Paleness is a sign of death and decay, and evidence that there is a lack of red blood corpuscles over white blood corpuscles present in the blood stream. If one was to commit ninety days to a mucus free diet consisting of nothing else but nuts, fruits and other green leafy vegetables, while at the same time taking the initiative to bath daily in the sun, most of the hue available to the biology for production will return full spectrum.


Cardio vascular disease claims more lives than diabetes and drug overdose combined. This is by no means a plot to exclude either diabetes or drug overdose from being focal points of consideration in this topic of discussion. Infact, I would love to in the near future cover these topics and much more. Considering the fact that everything today being offered as a remedy or substance designed to increase health, is nothing more than dehydrated or pasteurized particles mixed together for commercial purposes only, and have no real solid measurable effect with clearing the body of mucus then a band aid would serve being placed over a gunshot wound. We have turned to artificial ingredients, even as a means of counteracting the damage caused inside our bodies by the introduction of other foreign artificial ingredients. For someone to believe that in order for their body to create or produce any of its natural biological fluids or properties, they need to consume externally a substance similar to that substance, would be just as preposterous as assuming that, in order for a mother to create milk for her child she first needs to consume that milk or a similar substance to that one inorganically from an outside source. It has been proven that the cardinal substance for man’s blood is the highest developed form of carbon hydrate, chemically called sugar-stuff, grape or fruit sugar, as contained more or less in all ripe fruits and green leafy vegetables. Albumen is not the most important substance for our blood, nor is mineral salts. Physiologists claim, that in our blood, albumen is a combination of sugar-stuff and iron oxide, but that this sugar-stuff could not be found or recognized in such a way that neither the sugar nor the iron can be found by ordinary chemical tests. The blood albumen must be burned first to make the test perfect. When it comes to dieting, less is always best. Overeating is a major offset in western civilization. gluttony! lets face it, we are committing ‘nutricide’ everyday, by killing ourselves and those that we love most if we are feeding them any of these chemical poisons. It is absolutely imperative that we turn back to nature for all forms of healing, abandoning all foreign substances that have gone through inorganic foreign fermenting processes as being remedies to increase health and vitality. For more information on proper dieting, as well as the do’s and don’ts when it comes to healing and nourishing the body, please reach out to us at TheEnergyExchange369@gmail.com. Enjoy the link to the video below, demonstrating how to get candida out of the body. Please, don’t forget to subscribe to both, our blog center as well as our YouTube channel for all the latest updates on how to keep the body free from obstruction and always in balance with nature. It is a well known fact, that the life force of both, man and woman, and the degree of his or her mental and spirtual capabilities are largely predicated upon the condition and function of the digestive system. Currently, we are being so bombarded and menacingly overwhelmed by an onslaught of psychology, metaphysical science, concerning many other different spiritual manias, that the attitude of man regarding everything spiritual has become more divided than harmonic. however, there is no two truths regarding man’s ability to achieve spiritual or physical perefection in accords with nature. the only thing standing in between man and his oneness with nature is his diet, change it and you will have saved a life today, your own! Thank you so much for your time and energy, we wish you all the best! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg-cER0L_CI&t=593s

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