Living With Invisible Illness

By Dynamo Jakk

When taking into consideration, the Internal uncleanliness (unclean being too mild a word), of the western man, finding the causative factors to some of the most common, but yet and still, the most misdiagnosed ailments of western medicine, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, mental, and cardiovascular disease, etc. can be easily realized by examining what the western man considers as food.

Chronic Constipation has been identified as the number one cause of more deaths in the western culture, than any other act of violence, or crime, anywhere else throughout the world, today. Man’s life, is his vitality, which is key characteristic to the extent of his capabilities, both physically and spiritually, which are greatly influenced by the functioning ability, as well as the physical condition of his alimentary canal. It is very important that both, the brain, as well as the nervous system be supplied with clean, pure blood, and not blood that has become overly intoxicated and polluted with uneliminated waste products and other impurities from the alimentary canal. It is a fact that children being born, of today’s civilized society, are being born very unhealthy, due to the state of their mother’s health during pregnancy. She usually consumes three meals a day, sometimes more, which is entirely too much food, for one person to healthily consume, and the fact that the food is more than likely over-loaded with pathogens and other toxemias, makes it insane that this is considered as normal behavior. What was once a predeveloping fetus in the mother’s womb, is now so internally riddled with “indescribable” filth and pollutants, that the alimentary tract, extending up from the mouth of the anus to the throat, is completely filled with mucus, and decayed, undigested food particles, that are always in a state of putrefaction and fermentation. At the conclusion of each discharge the anus has to be artificially cleansed, which in itself shows that the internal walls of the intestines, after each discharge, is still filled with large amounts of this same filth.

Some time ago, it was proven, that inside of every form of sickness or disease, there is a constitutional encumbrance of foreign substances clogging up the complete human digestive system.

Man, in his ignorance carries in his digestive tract, at all times, a veritable cesspool of not only foreign pathogenic toxins, but many different species of parasites as well, by which the blood stream is continually compromised and poisoned. In a blog I wrote earlier this month, I explained how doctors had discovered that hemorrhage of the bowels in typhoid fever was actually caused by maggots and other parasites having eaten their way through the sensitive membrane and tapping an artery or vein.

Besides having a congested system, I found that people that are diagnosed as mentally diseased has a severe case of congestion, especially of the brain!

Men having lost their ability to reason, having lost basic access to their natural instincts, tell them not to eat. If you start the Mucus-Free Healing System, all kinds of diseases will be relieved at once. Many of the issues we are suffering from today are caused largely by our diets. If something is wrong with someone, look first to the stomach. The mentally diseased suffers physiologically from gas pressure on the brain. Even something so plaquing as near or far sight is caused by congestion in the eyes, trouble with hearing is congestion in those organs. I healed a few different kinds of blindness, deafness, and other sensory deprivations by the same principles that I am sharing with you here, today.

The unnatural, man-made foods of present-day are the underlying, physiological causes of every evil to which humans are victims. Humans, like every plant and living organism, receive their growth and nourishment from childhood on into maturity from the substances they consume, and Ninety percent of people today, from the billionaire to the beggar, both the healthy and the sick alike, all believe when we are sick or feeling weak in any way, that we should eat more solid concentrated foods such as foods that are rich in protein and heavy in starch. And this could not be the furthest thing away from the truth. Concentrated foods are the most constipating foods, that eventually end up as waste clogged up inside the alimentary canal. Did you know that paste is made using fine white flour, potatoes or rice? Or that Elmer’s glue is made from flesh, bone and gristle? Take egg white for example, this substance will stick any fabric together, even making it resistant to dissolution in water. Buttermilk and skimmed milk are both used as a mix for making a base for colors for painting. All these ingredients are constipating substances that not only clog up the rest of the body, but literally glues shut the digestive tract as well as the rest of the alimentary canal. One way to improve elimination of waste temporarily is through laxative remedies, physical exercises‐‐vibration, massages and other methods. But you cannot expect much results with cleaning out the old obstructions from the alimentary canal if you are going to continue to consume the same mucus and toxic forming, starchy foods. The tongue is the mirror not only of the stomach, but of the entire membrane system, as well. Fast for a day or two, or stick to eating raw fruits only (such as oranges, apples, or any juicy fruit in season), you will notice that your tongue will become heavily coated. The heavily coated tongue is evidence of a constitutional encumbrance throughout the entire system, which is obstructing and congesting the circulation and blood flow with dissolved mucus, which even appears in the urine and feces.

For the average layman it will take anywhere from one to three years of systematically continued fasting’s and natural, cleansing diet, before the body is considered cleansed of “foreign matters”. The diagnosis of all disease both mental and physical, since the beginning of civilization, proves that they all have the same foundational cause regardless of what the symptoms may be. It is, without exception, one and the same general and universal conditions, a singularity of all disease, waste, foreign matter, mucus and the poisons they produce.

Over the years I’ve collected many different all-natural remedies and an assortment of recipes that were proven to be the most effective in getting rid of mucus and cleansing other toxins from the body that have been known to heavily pollute the bloodstream. I will share a few with you here, and hope that anyone that reads this article, is able to use the information provided to heal themselves, or if permitted to do so, use the information to help with the healing process of someone else, be it a stranger or loved one. I do advise that one apply the strictest disciplines when making the transition from such an unhealthy source of nutritious intake to an all-natural, organic earth grown, mucus free, starch free lifestyle. While most diseases can be cured by simple means of fasting, it is important to take into consideration the condition of each and every individual on a case by case basis. It would not be wise to suggest for one person the exact same remedy as you would for another if they are both experiencing different kinds of discomfort. Though they may be affected by the same constitutional causes of discomfort, their experiences will vary one from the other according to what encumbers each of their system most. It would not be wise to assume something so irrational as believing that because something works for someone suffering from mild complications of congestion, that it would also be the best advice to give to someone that may be suffering from something more severe, like chronic illness. Remember, there was a time that influenza was no big of a threat than a common cold of today, needing nothing in particular to assist the body with fighting back against the foreign invasion of an alien intruder. Water and a mild laxative to help dispel the surviving toxemias was sufficient enough. Now, because of the chronic degeneration of the human system, something that used to be treated as a common cold has become a life-threatening disease. It is imperative that we take the initiative to look deeper into the science and mechanical functioning of the ‘human body’, the healthcare industry is a trillion dollar a year industry, and this is only as far as we know. With all the money, magic, and science resources being poured into government funded, as well as private functioning testing facilities and bio-technology labs, it is not fathomably possible to consider that the more we invest in pharmaceuticals the sicker we become, the less effective we have become in protecting ourselves against sickness and disease. When I was a child, we didn’t get fed medicines, or rushed to the hospital for anything unless it was life threatening and there was absolutely no other remedy available, with the exceptions of broken bones. We used ancient remedies that had stood the test of times for centuries and proven to be most effective when treating any internal ailment. Every substance, element, or fluid inside of your body can be found also inside of nature, meaning that, whatever nature produced biologically for you as a healing mechanism should be the only thing that enters your body. In the words of the late, great, DR. SEBI, “let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food!”

1. ALWAYS EAT FRUIT FIRST. The digestion of ripe fruits takes place within a normal stomach within a few minutes after eating. Wait five or ten minutes before eating your vegetables.

2. DO NOT DRINK LIQUIDS OF ANY KIND WITH MEAL. Liquids of any kinds (including soups) interfere with the proper digestion of a meal. Allow at least half hour to lapse before drinking, both before and after eating.

3. MAN’S FOOD IS FRUITS and HERBS– For healing purposes, uncooked, starchless green leafy vegetables (parsley, carrots, celery, lettuce), combined with fruits, both in their natural and cooked state will be found to be much better than an exclusive fruit diet.

4. MIX BUT FEW VARIETIES. Fruit meals should consist of not more than two kinds of fruits that are both in season. Let your appetite decide for you the quantity that needs to be eaten.

5. NEVER EAT NUTS WITH JUICY FRUITS. When nuts are eaten with fruits such as oranges, apples, pears, etc., the water makes nuts indigestible. Dried fruits— figs, raisins, dates, prunes, can be eaten dry with nuts. Chew together and masticate thoroughly. The fruit sugar helps to digest the nuts.

6. NATURE’S OWN BOOK IS SIMPLICITY. The fewer food mixtures the better. Three different varieties should be sufficient—anything over four is too many.

7. DO NOT OVER-EAT. Mother Nature requires moderation in all things.

Sample Menus

Apple Sauce, Add raisins if desired. Place on bed of Lettuce and serve.

A ten, to fifteen minute intermission provides the family an opportunity of talking over the PLEASANT happenings of the day-and always bear in mind that laughter aids digestion.

Salad—Natural Vegetable Combination Salad.

Baked Cauliflower. (Boil Cauliflower until about half done—then bake in oven until brown. Use a suitable vegetable shortening when baking in preference to butter fats. Serve either hot or cold, and add dressing to suit.

Two pieces Zweibach toast.

Dried Fruit (such as Raisins, Dates, Figs) and Walnuts or Pecans (chewed together). Salad-Cooked Combination Salad. Serve on Lettuce leaves. Baked Irish Potato.

Fresh Fruit in seasons such as Peaches, Apricots, Grapes, etc. Russian Salad (Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, Watercress, Onions). Swedish Rye Krisp.

Carrot and Raisin Salad. Ehret’s Serbian Goulash. Toasted Whole Wheat Bread.

Apple Sauce with Raisins. Coleslaw Salad. Slice raw Cabbage finely. Add Lemon juice to soften and allow to stand at least one hour before serving. Add chopped Onions, Celery and cold cooked Carrots or Peas. Dressing to taste.

Baked Sweet Potato.

Mashed ripe Bananas with fresh Strawberries and Honey to sweeten. Mexican Coleslaw. Baked Banana Squash.

Cottage Cheese and Apricot Jam. Lettuce and Tomato Salad. Ripe Olives. One cooked vegetable. Baked Potato.

Baked Apple with Honey. Elimination Salad. Baked Artichoke.


Stuffed Prune Salad. Vegetable Chop Suey. Baked Potato.

Baked Apple or Apple Sauce

Baked Beet Tops.

Whole Wheat Toast.

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